Modules: An Overview
In your course outline/syllabus, you detail what will happen in your course. Some faculty group the information by week, while others group content by topic. Modules can be used to deliver your course materials in the same way. Modules help students navigate the course content.

Modules are a way to organize your course by weeks, units, chapters, topics, or any other organizational structure that works well for your course. You may choose to have the Modules page be displayed as your course Home page, to create a one-directional linear flow of what you would like your students to do. Various types of learning materials may be placed in modules, such as files, discussions, assignments, quizzes, and content pages. If you have previously created course materials you wish to use, you can easily add them into the module. Alternatively, you can create new items as needed while working within the module itself. This allows you to lay out the structure of your course while simultaneously creating new learning materials to use within it.

Modules can be ordered and reordered as you see fit by simply dragging and dropping them. Likewise, elements within the modules can also be reorganized by means of dragging and dropping.

Modules can be scheduled for release on specific dates. You can also create prerequisites for a module (i.e. a user must first complete module A before being able to access module B). All modules appear on the Module page. At present, there is no means for you to hide modules. You can collapse modules so that only module headings are displayed, but this will not prevent any user who wishes from expanding the module to display its contents in his/her account. If a module is set to release on a specific date, students will still be able to see a list of module contents prior to that date, but the list will be grayed out and all items will remain inaccessible until the release date arrives.

Organizing Your Canvas Course Site (PDF)