Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I log into Canvas as a student?
To log into Canvas as a student, either navigate to and click Login with CNetID, or navigate to and click Login with CNetID.
How do I log into Canvas as a faculty member/instructor?
To log into Canvas as a faculty member/instructor, navigate to and click Login with CNetID.
I was able to log into Canvas yesterday/earlier today; why can't I log in now?
Please clear your browser cache and try to log in again. Alternatively, use a different browser.
How do I create my course site?
To create your Canvas course site, go to and click on the “Create Your Course Site Now” button. Then follow the prompts to select the course for which you want to create a Canvas site.
What type of support is available?
  • 24/7 Support Hotline (844-33-4-6803) and Live chat
  • Online documentation
  • Self-paced online learning modules
    • Learning Canvas course from UChicago LinkedIn Learning (CNetID Log-in)
    • Learn Canvas for Students. To join the self-paced course, log into Canvas, go to the dashboard, and follow the links on the announcement to self-enroll. Or, go to All Courses, search for Learn Canvas, and click on the course link.
  • You can also attend our Virtual Office Hours or online workshops. Visit our Workshop Schedule page for the calendar and sign-up information.

Teaching with Canvas

Why can't I see the courses I am teaching in the current quarter on my Canvas dashboard?

Course sites are not automatically created. Please create your course site(s) by going to and clicking on Create Your Course Site Now.

How can students find my course?

Be sure to publish your course by going to Course Home and clicking the Publish button on the right. Students can only view course sites and course content items that are published. After your course site is published, it will appear on enrolled students’ Canvas dashboards. We also suggest that you include the course URL in your syllabus and initial email to your class. Students and instructors can always log into Canvas by visiting and clicking on the “Login with CNetID” button in the header.

Why can't students see materials in my course?

If your students cannot see materials in your course that you intend to be visible, it may be that those materials are unpublished. You can use Student View to look at your course through the eyes of a test student and determine which materials are published or unpublished.

How can I reuse materials from my old Canvas course in my new one?

You can copy materials from a past Canvas course to a new one easily. In your destination course, go to Settings → Import Course Content and select “Copy a Canvas Course”. For step-by-step instructions, see Course-to-Course Copying in Canvas: A Quick Guide.

How can I customize my Canvas course menu?

You can customize which items are enabled or disabled in your Canvas course navigation menu by going to Settings → Navigation in your Canvas course.  For detailed instructions, see Customizing Your Canvas Course Navigation Menu.

Help for Students

Why can't I see a course I am enrolled in on my Canvas dashboard?

The course site may not have been created yet. Please contact your instructor to see whether the course site has been created in Canvas.

How long will I have access to Canvas after I graduate?

You will have access to Canvas for as long as Canvas is the preferred LMS for UChicago.  Although you will continue to have access to Canvas, we do not recommend using Canvas as  a file repository for storing files.  We recommend downloading all materials and saving to another location (i.e. a flash drive or hard drive).

Organization Sites

How can I create an organization site in Canvas?

Visit our Organization Site page and fill out the prompts to create your organizational site. You will receive an email when the site has been created.

Remote Teaching

Where can I find more information on remote teaching with Zoom?
You can find more information on remote teaching with Zoom and register for training at the Teaching Remotely site. The Using Zoom for Remote Teaching FAQ addresses the features of Zoom and settings recommended for remote teaching as well as other frequently asked questions.