The Canvas Gradebook features a Notes column in which you can record comments about particular students’ performance.  Data in this column are never used by Canvas when calculating grades.  (If the Notes column is not currently visible, you can turn it on by selecting the Settings (gear) menu -> Show Notes Column in the Canvas Gradebook, or View -> Notes in the New Gradebook.)


Notes column in the Canvas Gradebook

Notes column in the Canvas Gradebook


Thanks to a new Canvas update, if you export your course’s Gradebook as a .csv file, the Notes column will be exported as well.


Export drop-down menu

Use the Export button (or, if you are using the New Gradebook, the Actions menu) to export your grades.


Exported CSV file including Notes column

The Notes column will then appear in the .csv file.


If you wish, you can edit data in the Notes column in your .csv file, just as you can in the columns corresponding to Assignment grades.  When you re-import the .csv file into the Canvas Gradebook, Canvas will update the Notes column to match your changes.  Remember that you should not change the filename of the .csv file.


CSV file with changes to Notes column indicated

Changes to the Notes column in the .csv file (shown here in red)


Upload screen with Upload Data button indicated

Select your modified .csv file and click Upload Data to upload it to the Gradebook.


Gradebook with Import button indicated

To re-import your file, use the Import button in the Gradebook (or the Actions menu in the New Gradebook).


Upload screen with Save Changes button indicated

Canvas will show you the fields in the Gradebook that will be changed. Click Save Changes to complete the process.


Updated Notes column in Canvas Gradebook

The Notes column will now be updated.


Resources and Getting Help

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