Canvas Transition

Canvas is here - join us!

Canvas Adoption

Since we began our official transition to Canvas in autumn 2016, we have come a long way! The graph above shows the percentage of all courses using an LMS taught in each system per quarter. By spring 2017, we had 21% of all courses taught in Canvas between our early adopter units and faculty who proactively chose to start teaching with Canvas. Summer 2017 marks our first quarter where all for-credit courses must be taught in Canvas, and the number of courses created in Canvas exceeded the number of courses in Chalk for summer 2016.

For more information about how we chose Canvas as our next learning management system, you can read about it on the project background page.

Winter Quarter 2018 Metrics

At the 10th week of autumn quarter, we have almost 1/3 of winter courses created. You can create yours now with our self-service request form. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance finishing up your course site:

Created Courses

Published Courses

Faculty & Lecturers


Autumn Quarter 2017 Metrics

As of the end of autumn quarter, we have over 100% of expected course sites created in Canvas (1508), and of those, 92.5% (1394) have been published. 1450 instructors were using Canvas with a total of 14,764 students.

Transition Timeline